First Niagara Bank


PinnaclePlus Checking 


First Niagara Bank is an FDIC insured regional banking corporation. They are a wholly owned subsidiary with billions in assets and deposits and hundreds of branches across four states. The have branches in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. With specialized expertise across every facet of today’s world, they sit poised and ready to help you with both your personal and professional financial needs. As of December 31, 2011, their total assets were $32.8 billion. First Niagara is headquartered in the Larkin Terminal Warehouse in Buffalo, NY. With assets of $32 billion they are currently ranked the 39th largest bank in the country.


PinnaclePlus Checking comes with a lot of perks and lots of freebies, but you have to be able to maintain a certain account balance in order to benefit. First Niagara counts your combined balances in deposits, consumer loans (excluding mortgages), credit card balances and investments with their bank toward your balance requirement. If the total amount is at least $50,000, you will never pay a monthly service fee. You can also avoid the monthly service fee if you are able to maintain a daily minimum balance of at least $5,000.


PinnaclePlus Checking Optional Services:

You can enroll in their eStatement service and receive email alerts to notify you when your monthly statements are available within their online banking service. In addition to being able to access your statements for up to 24 months, your online banking service will allow you to monitor and manage your accounts 24/7, as long as you have internet access.


Online Bill Pay allows you to set up regularly scheduled payments for monthly bills, as well as one-time payments for other expenses. Payments are sent automatically on your chosen date, and you can stop or change those payments at any time.


Overdraft Protection is available on this account and subject to restrictions and associated fees. In case of overdrafts, you can rest assured knowing that your payment will still be processed. With PinnanclePlus Checking, any overdraft transfer from another First Niagara deposit account is free, subject to applicable transaction limitations.



If you prefer to use traditional paper checks, you’ll enjoy unlimited orders of Pinnacle-branded checks.


Benefits of PinnaclePlus Checking:

Pay No ATM fees anywhere in the U.S. (Rebates are credited to your account at the end of the statement cycle. First Niagara charges $5 for the use of international ATMs and surcharges may apply for non-First Niagara ATMs outside of the United States and Canada, which are not rebated)


Other Benefits Include:

  • Free official checks and money orders 
  • Free annual financial check-up 
  • Up to $30 a year off safe deposit box rental with autopay 
  • A discount of .50% on loans and lines of credit (excluding mortgages) with autopay 
  • Optional overdraft protection (restrictions and fees apply) 
  • Free overdraft transfers from savings 
  • Free wire transfers 
  • Free stop payments 
  • Exclusive rates on your connected PinnaclePlus Money Market 
  • PinnaclePlus Checking earns interest


PinnaclePlus Checking Terms and Conditions:

  • In order to pay no monthly service fee on your Pinnacle Checking Account, you must maintain a minimum daily balance of $5,000, or a combined balance of at least $50,000 in deposits, loans (excluding mortgages), credit cards and investment accounts. 
  • Each month that you are unable to maintain either of these balances, you will be charged a $25 fee. 
  • Using any of the ATMs in the U.S. is free, and you will be reimbursed the cost of using other U.S. ATMs outside of the First Niagara network. Rebates are credited to your account at the end of each statement cycle. 
  • First Niagara charges $5 for use of international ATMs and surcharges may apply for non-First Niagara ATMs outside of the United States and Canada, which are not rebated.


Debit Card Rewards:

  • Get offers 
  • Automatic savings 
  • Nothing to clip print or redeem 
  • Just swipe and save